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11.07.2024 14:52
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Cinema Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan Announce the Results of Post-Production Film Support CompetitionIn May of this year, ARKA announced a competition to support the completion of film projects in their post-production stages. The competition, aiming to stimulate and increase the efficiency of the country's film production, raise the competitiveness of independent production centers, and support joint film production, has concluded. Applications from nine projects were received for the competition in various categories, including full-length feature and documentary, short feature, documentary, and animation films. The Arts Council decided to award state support to six of these evaluated projects. Short documentary film “Memory Palaces“ directed by Matlab Mukhtarov, “Rental Azerbaijan“ LLC; full-length documentary film “The Return“, directed by Elmaddin Aliyev, “Karvan Production“ LLC; full-length feature film “Silent Time“, directed by Tahir Tahirovich, “Nova Gorica Kino“ Center“ LLC; full-length documentary “Black cat, white shani“, directed by Alamdar Faig, “Chinar Film“ LLC; short feature film “Inverted Shadows“, directed by Haji Safarov, “Chinar Film“ LLC; full-length feature-documentary “Where are you, crane?“ film directed by Ilkin Yusif “Boomerangfilm“ LLC It’s worth mentioning that for the first time in the country, a competition is held to support film projects in the post-production phase. The Cinema Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan will continue to conduct competitions throughout the year to offer state support for film projects. ..
11.07.2024 12:37
Admission Exam Results Announced for Music and Art Schools, and CentersThe results of admission exams for the 2024-2025 academic year for music and art schools and centers under the Ministry of Culture have been announced.   Candidates were informed of their results via the “MyCulture“ single personal cabinet (my.culture.az) and e-mail. Additionally, exam results can be accessed through the resource https://imtahan.culture.az, developed as an alternative to enhance citizen satisfaction and communication. From May 6 to 31, 16,280 people applied for admission to music and art schools and centers through the personal cabinet “my.culture.az“. Of these applicants, 12,196, or 75 percent, were successful. Based on the exam results, 9,428 of them were admitted to free programs and 2,768 to paid programs.  This year, 2,000 more students have been admitted to schools compared to last year, which had 10,215 admissions.   Successful candidates are required to finalize their electronic admission process through their personal accounts by August 15, 2024. To do so, they must log in to their personal “my.culture.az“ cabinet, fill out the required information in the “Student Placement“ section, and pay the tuition fee, if applicable. Appeals regarding exam results will be considered on July 15-17.   The main objective of the reform measures in the cultural sector is to ensure transparent and effective management, the introduction of digital solutions, and the satisfaction of citizens. The admission procedures for music and art schools and centers are carried out under the digital development strategy “e-Culture“, which plays an important role in ensuring flexible and direct communication and transparency.   We congratulate our students and their parents and wish them a successful academic year! ..
10.07.2024 18:35
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan The Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan JOINT STATEMENT On Unlawful Appropriation and Other Copyright Violations Related to the Composition "Karabagh" by the Azerbaijani Composer Bahram NasibovThe appropriation and theft of works of Azerbaijani authors and Azerbaijani folklore by Armenians continues. The most recent example is the song “Karabagh“ (“The cradle of dreams is always Karabakh“) by the well-known Azerbaijani composer Bahram Nasibov, which was performed by Gor Yepremyan with changed lyrics under the name “Sirun Jan“, posted on the YouTube platform, and labeled as “Armenian folk,“ i.e., “Armenian folk song“ in the video description. Like the appropriation of Uzeyir Hajibeyov's works by Armenians, this case of plagiarism also caused a wide reaction within Azerbaijani society. On July 9, 2024, the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan released a detailed comment on the matter. Regarding the subject discussed above, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan state the following: 1. The composition “Karabagh“ (from now on referred to as the “Composion“), was written and composed by the Azerbaijani composer Bahram Nasibov in the 20th century and was first performed by the People's Artist of Azerbaijan Arif Babayev in 1972. 2. The Composition was registered on June 2, 1972, in the Azerbaijan Branch of the All-Union Agency on Copyrights, the legal predecessor of the Intellectual Property Agency, in accordance with the legislation of the USSR. After Bahram Nasibov passed away in 1998, his heirs registered many of his song genre compositions, including this one, with the Copyright Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (predecessor of the Intellectual Property Agency) on July 14, 2004. They received composition registration certificate No. 662 from the agency. 3. The Composition is one of Bahram Nasibov's most famous songs, it has been performed many times in Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, and other countries, and there are numerous video and audio recordings of these mass performances. 4. The state registration documents of the Composition, its copies on various media, and the recognition of Bahram Nasibov's authorship during mass performances in Azerbaijan serve as evidence that Bahram Nasibov is the sole author of the Composition. 5. The Composition can be used with the consent of Bahram Nasibov's heirs, and to the extent specified in such consent, with proper attribution to him. However, as can be seen from the description and content of the “Sirun Jan“ video on YouTube, Bahram Nasibov is not credited as the author. Instead, the illegally performed composition is posted on YouTube as an “Armenian folk song.“ 6. Based on the registration documents and the mass performance history of the Composition, the Ministry of Culture and the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan unequivocally conclude that this case constitutes plagiarism of the music of the Composition. 7. As further evidence of plagiarism, several performances of the composition and the video “Sirun Jan“ were submitted to the experts of the Intellectual Property Agency for assessment of similarity. The People's Artists and Composers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Faig Sujaddinov and Eldar Mansurov, acted as experts and concluded through their research that the music of the song “Sirun jan“ performed by the Armenian singer, is completely identical to the music of the song “Karabagh“ composed by Bahram Nasibov in the Chahargah Mugham. In addition, the composition originally named “Karabagh“ was renamed “Sirun Jan“ and the Azerbaijani lyrics containing the phrase “The cradle of dreams is always Karabakh“ were replaced by Armenian lyrics, resulting in a distortion of the original piece. 8. Consequently, the Composition was distorted, and plagiarism was committed on the music that is part of the Composition. As a result, performer Gor Yepremyan and those involved in the unauthorized performance, recording, and online posting of the work infringed upon Bahram Nasibov's personal copyright and the property rights of his heirs. In the given case of copyright violation, Gor Yepremyan bears the main legal responsibility, and other persons involved in the violation share this responsibility. 9. We state that the failure to investigate and address the aforementioned violation would violate the principle of “national treatment,“ a fundamental principle set forth in Article 5 of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, to which the Republic of Armenia is a signatory, as well as other international agreements to which it is a party, including the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization, the WIPO Copyright Treaty, and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. In this regard, we demand that the relevant authorities of the Republic of Armenia address the case of plagiarism, stop the presenting of the Azerbaijani composer Bahram Nasibov's composition as the Armenian folk song “Sirun Jan“ with lyrics modified by Gor Yepremyan, restore Bahram Nasibov's copyright, hold the responsible parties accountable, and report on the actions taken in accordance with international law and national legislation.   ..
10.07.2024 15:30
The reception of citizens by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Adil Karimli in Gadabay district is rescheduled The reception of the citizens from Gadabay, Shamkir, Tovuz, Aghstafa, and Gazakh districts by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Adil Karimli, originally scheduled to take place on July 12 at 10 am at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Gadabay (address: Heydar Aliyev Avenue 1), has been postponed. The new date of the reception will be published in advance on the official web resources of the Ministry. ..
08.07.2024 15:55
Info Session Announced for Grant Competition Promoting Cultural and Creative IndustriesAn open information session on the grant competition for NGOs to promote cultural and creative industries, announced by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will take place on July 10 at 4 p.m. at the Cultural and Creative Industries Development Center (the 8th floor of “Simurg“ plaza, Mehdi Mehdizadeh 33, Khatai district). During the information session, representatives of the Ministry and members of the Competition Commission will provide detailed information on the terms of participation, priority areas and subtopics, and the requirements for project proposals. Representatives of the NGOs interested in the competition are welcome to attend. On July 4, 2024, the Ministry of Culture announced a grant competition for non-governmental organizations to promote cultural and creative industries. Applications must be submitted by August 2, 2024, through the online platform grants.culture.az. For more information, please call 147 (hotline of the Ministry of Culture) or mob. 994505200674 (The Cultural and Creative Industries Development Center). ..
08.07.2024 11:07
Production of Short Animated Film "Nargız" ContinuesThe production of the winning film projects from the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Agency (ARKA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan between July and October 2023 is underway with state support. Currently, work continues on “Nargız,“ a short animation film that is among the 11 winning entries. The film, produced by “Peri Film“ LLC (Animafilm Studio), is directed by Masud Panahi. Rashid Aghamaliyev is the producer, with Masud Panahi, Ismayil Iman, and Nazrin Aghamaliyeva as the screenwriters. The editors are Rafig Mammadli and Gulshan Huseynova. Firangiz Bagirova is the lead animator, while Kubra Binnetova handles the storyboard. The animation artist is Rustam Bashirov, and artists include Elchin Hami Akhundov, Emil Shiran, Kubra Binnetova, and Nazrin Hajiyeva. The animators are Mehriban Aliyeva, Rustam Bashirov, and Emil Shiran. Zarifa Akbarova coordinates the production, and Emil Gozalov serves as the lawyer. The objective of the film is to spotlight the issue of landmines and raise awareness among both children and adults about the dangers of these mines. The short animated film “Nargız“ is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. ..
05.07.2024 09:18
Grant competition for NGOs to promote cultural and creative industriesThe Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced a grant competition for NGOs in order to promote cultural and creative industries. The main objective of the competition is to promote the development of cultural and creative industries and foster a cultural and innovative society in accordance with the “Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2022-2026“ approved by the Order No. 3378 of July 22, 2022 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This includes the implementation of projects that meet today’s challenges, ensuring modern, sustainable and comprehensive cooperation, and increasing the participation of civil society organizations in this process. Priority Areas of the Grant Competition: 1. Projects focused on developing cultural and creative industries (enhancing and institutionalizing management within cultural and creative sectors; improving statistical data related to cultural and creative industries; volunteer efforts in cultural and creative industries; establishing digital platforms for the sale and export of cultural and creative products and services or upgrading current platforms; implementing activities promoting skill development in the capital and districts, including educational initiatives; performing statistical research in the book industry; 2. Projects dealing with digital solutions in the cultural sector (Organizing international events on digital creative industries within the country; Implementing innovative technologies in cultural and creative industries, including artificial intelligence; “E-culture“ - digitalization of culture; Digitization of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible);  3. Projects to support local animation (hosting international animation events within the country; taking part in international animation events abroad);  4. Projects for the institutionalization of the film industry (hosting international film events within the country; taking part in international film festivals abroad; improving management within the film industry). Criteria for the Applicants of the Grant Competition: 1. Eligible applicants must be state-registered non-governmental organizations within the Republic of Azerbaijan; 2. To qualify, the NGOs entering the competition must have relevant experience in implementing cultural projects and organizing cultural events;  1. The non-governmental organizations participating in the contest must submit the following documents - a digital copy of the original state registration certificate; - a digital copy of the original extract from state register;  - a digital copy of the original charter;  - a digital copy of the PIN code and identity card of the legal representative. 1.  Non-governmental organizations that have previously received funding from the Ministry of Culture but have not fully fulfilled their obligations prior to the start of the grant competition, despite the conclusion of the grant agreement, are not eligible to participate in the grant competition;  Criteria for Project Submissions  1. The project proposal must be implemented within the Republic of Azerbaijan for a period not exceeding 3 months.  2. The maximum amount that can be allocated to a single project proposal is AZN 30,000. 3. The content of the projects submitted to the grant competition  shall not contradict the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the protection of historical and cultural monuments“, “On the cultural capital of Azerbaijan – Shusha city“, “On publishing“, “On cinematography“, “On theater and theater activities“, “On library work“, “On museums“, “On legal protection of  Azerbaijani folklore expressions“, “On protection and development of Azerbaijani carpet art“, “On media“, “On copyright and related rights“, “On education“, the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and any other regulatory acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Additional Requirements for Project Submissions: Project proposals that follow these principles will be prioritized during the selection process: 1. Regional inclusiveness - Project proposals should extend beyond Baku city and the Absheron district, and include various other cities and regions within Azerbaijan. 2. Multilateral collaboration - project proposals should include the expertise of specialists who will work in close cooperation and partnership with central and local government institutions. Where appropriate, the private sector and stakeholders should also be involved. 3. Innovation – Project proposals should be based on new, previously unused mechanisms and methods. Emphasis should be placed on using opportunities created by proven information and communication technologies in developed countries. 4. Diversity and Inclusion - Project proposals should reflect specific approaches to ensure the involvement of people with disabilities, vulnerable groups and people in need of social protection including youth, and women. 5. Sustainability – When drafting project proposals, it is essential to consider the sustainability of the projected outcomes, and this criterion must be clearly and precisely demonstrated within the proposal. The application deadline for the competition is August 1, 2024. Submissions are accepted electronically via grants.culture.az. The following documents are required to apply to the competition:  1. Project proposal form 2. Form of Implementation Plan 3. Budget Estimate Form For inquiries regarding the grant competition, please contact projects@culture.gov.az or call the Ministry of Culture hotline at 147. ..
04.07.2024 17:49
Board of Appeals of the Ministry of Culture Convenes Next MeetingOn July 3, 2024, the next meeting of the Board of Appeals of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister Saadat Yusifova. The meeting was attended by the Members of the Board of Appeals - Elchin Najafov, Deputy Chief of Staff, and the Head of the Department of Document Processing and Citizen Affairs, Shahin Hasanov, Head of the Human Capital Management Department, Vugar Mammadov, the Head of the Strategic Development and Project Management Department, Rashad Azizov, the Head of the Creative Industries and Digital Development Department, and Javid Aliyev, the head of the Audit and Internal Control Department.   During the meeting, the appeals of 2 candidates related to the competition announced by the State Examination Center on February 14, 2024, and the internal interview announced on February 22, 2024, for filling vacant civil service positions in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan were reviewed.   At the meeting, the views of the candidates on the interview were heard and the opinions formulated by the Board on the basis of video recordings and documents submitted by the State Examination Center were considered. At the end of the meeting, the decisions on the considered issues were made based on the votes of the members of the Board. The Board of Appeals confirmed that the decision of the Interview Commission regarding the results of the previous interview of Aghayeva Esmira Tahir was completely objective and justified, and therefore the decision remained unchanged. In response to the appeal of Aghalar Suleyman oghlu Aghamammadov, the Board of Appeals decided to change the results of his previous interview, and found him suitable for the position he applied for, and subsequently included him in the reserve list. ..
03.07.2024 10:01
Filming of "The Kura - the Mother of Rivers" Documentary in ProgressThe film projects that have won the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Agency (ARKA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in July-October 2023 are produced with the support of the state. It should be mentioned that the competition was held by the state in order to support the growth of the film industry, to promote cinematographic activities, to increase the experience of local filmmakers, to achieve the production of films that promote national, moral and universal values, and also to support the private sector in this field. The documentary “The Kura - the Mother of Rivers“, one of the 11 winning projects of the competition, is currently being filmed. The film is directed by Seyran Mahmudoghlu, and written Akbar Najaf. The producer is Fariz Ahmadov, while the production company is OD Media Production. The film will be shot along the entire length of the Kura River, from its source to its mouth, covering the territories of Terkiye, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The film will depict the geography of the Kura River, Azerbaijan's largest natural water source, as well as the surrounding cities and the socio-economic, historical and cultural developments in these regions. The central idea of the film is to illustrate the historical, cultural and economic impact of the river from the past to the present and to highlight its value to humanity. ..